Sunday, October 2, 2011

Our legacy

So I was thinking what would be my legacy and I think to myself who cares. I am 22 years old and soon to graduate college and not really sure what awaits me but gotta let the big man upstairs worry about that. Recently since I am not working at this time but thats ok because I start Jurry Duty on Wednesday and thats 33 dollars a day. It kinda hurts your pride being unemployed but hey life isn't a bunch of roses is it. I was thinking its not like I'm in a hurry anyways as i have enough to pay for school next semester and plenty of money(thanks Sam's Club).

Anyways I didn't plan on staying there much longer anyways aka college degree but it was a great time working there. So back to the legacy part I think no one really expects to be in a history book for what they did. I mean look at William Wallace or the Founding Fathers they were willing to die for their beliefs yet non really expected to be glorified.

I think music is very important to me and I hope one day to be recognized as a great songwriter like George Harrison, Cat Stevens, Neil Young, and Jackson C. Frank just to name a few. However, I recognize this is a very slim chance so I'm ok with where I'm at, playing music at small shows. That doesn't mean that I won't always love music as it makes me world go round. Like I wanna Know what Love Is for example. Look at that song when your not feeling good and that song comes on you could have your whole day made better. Oh and don't pretend you don't like it, this song demands you feel it "I wanna know what love is I want you to show me" that in itself is poweful. Music takes that you to a different place it says its time to get away in a healthy way of course. One such song that is also very powerful is Danny Boy this traditional Irish song conveys suffering and the Love of a Father and a Boy. The songs enters with a line about the pipes are calling. More likely a reference to sense of duty or something like that. The song continues with the Father realising the son must go and how he will wait for the son to return even when he is dead. The song is a lost art not many songs today talk about such a love yet we all feel that about our family.

In this next section I will address just how lucky I was to find something in school that interested me. I will begin back in the high school days. My senior year of High School was a much disapointing year as far as academics go. I was lost in general I had bombed the SATS and with it any chance of going to college as I saw it. I had been accepted to the University Of Nevada, Reno but it wasn't really attainable to go because i lacked the finiancial planning or laziness. So thinking quickly I enrolled in Leeward Community College to get my general Education rquirements and enter the University system through transfer.

Well mostly not knowing what I wanted to do I really just got average grades that first semester. Average meaning lots of Cs. I thought I wanted to be a Communications Major but that in itself is pretty vague overall wasn't really a major. well to make a long story short I found English, Math, and Science to be my worst subjects. However, I found my stride in History Classes with professor Boyrk and Professor Fujita. This is where I didn't mind the work and actually enjoyed going to class. So after completing my two years at Leeward Community College I was pretty sure things would be difficult.

The hardest part being that Transfering to the University Of Hawaii would cost a lot of money. I had thought about the University Of Hawaii West Oahu but I remembered my friend telling me they didn't offer many classes. On a whim I thought well maybe its worth a try to go ask if they offer a History program. Well it turns out they did have one and the tutition was actually a little more affordable than UH. Three semesters later its been a long journey but I have come a long way.

Lastly i was thinking about some of the things people tell you about Americans and our own legacy. People will tell you America ain't what it used to be and that its every man for himself and that Americans are greedy. Well these people haven't been around America if they can't see a great legacy. Political Science Professors will tell you America doesn't give as much as other nations per capita and then people like Bono get on T.V. and tell us were greedy but I disagree sir. Has abyone carred to challenge these people or do we just sit and believe them because we feel like their right. Well here is where this logic goes wrong. Lets look at one simple fact are money is worth more than your money(World). Our money goes further towards building schools and feeding th poor people of the world. So this arguement of we give a greater percentage is invalid money is about worth and not percentages. Yes I was one of those people that let the Professor get away with bended statistics because I was being guilted into being ashamed.

I see a different side of America everyday. When my car broke down on a hill recently I was unable to move the car off the road. A Nissan Xterra is a very heavy car indeed. Well needless to say another motorist lined his bumber up with mine and helped push me to the side. I shook his hand and thanked him. Or how about that motorcyclist pinned under the car of driver. These people dropped what they were doing rushed over and lifted the car to move the man from underneath the car. His motorcycle also pinned under the car caught fire during the incident yet these people moved to save the man's life. These are things that remind me America is still a great country and not the evil empire certain people would have you believe.

As Adam Carolla said in a interview while discussing the Hollywood Left "These people don't love Communism they just hate this country" I think this says a lot about these people's state of mind.

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