Wednesday, March 30, 2011

No money

Boo I have no money because of a string of unexpected things I had to pay for and not to mention gas is the highest in the nation here. P.S. thank you State Government for again raising taxes on gas when we already have the highest gas taxes in the nation. Ya this doesn't mean I'm entirely broke just what I call my spending money aka my checking. My savings i do not touch. Anyways almost there sucks when your broke! I get paid Thursday then I can stop thinking how i'm not gonna spend money. Oh and also I'm sure my family reads this yes the new job is fine hard work but much better working environment. I don't mind working super hard but i would like some respect as is the case at my new job lots of respect. By the way they are closing the Waikele Borders hope everyone there finds a job. Also the semester is almost done but i have so much to do like my 9 paper for my writing intensive class. HIST 443 Nazi Germany, I have watched more Nazi propaganda than a Nazi Party member lol. My paper topic is Joseph Goebbels and I have to read his diaries which are really long.

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