Sunday, December 13, 2009

Today is awesome

Well my parents come back today and I am so glad and thankful for such great parents. Its been hard while they have been gone for one the house seemed very empty and not to mention all the stress with the semester winding down. I'm saw my sisters pictures of my niece and nephew and wow what a great family she and Kori aka 15 dollar steak man have. I watched a Christams Story the other day and it reminded what great memories Christmas has had for me. In the movie at the end there is this scene where the dad gives ralphee the bb gun and the family is just together to me that is very special. Today I read while studying for my final about southeast asia and India. People talk about how India is such a great place where worldly things don't mean anything. Really because I seem to remember massive Muslim and Hindu masscares and civil wars and uprisings. I find it Ironic because how India is pretrayed and how it really is are two different things. Take the scene in Slumdog Millionaire where is mother is killed and the rest of the village is also killed because "they are Muslim " this is a regular happening with the divisons of Muslims and Hindus in India. Both extremist groups of Hindus and Muslims attack innocent people. The same can be said for Canada which has more violent crime than the United States according to Interpool. I am simply making a point that America isn't a bad country and all these crazy people saying we are dumb. Go to another country if you don't like it here. We have the right to worship freely in this country where we are not attacked or murdered for being a certain religion. December 25th to me is Christmas the day Jesus was born and I am not beaten or shot in the street for being a Christian and Celebrating Christmas. I love my family and I am proud to be an American as Thomas Jefferson said " Question with Boldness" because we can in the United States. Idk why I went on that tangent but thats how I think in burst on rants. Anyways I have to go to sleep now. Yaaa hey James

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